Devin M.S.

Devin M.S.

Hometown: Harlingen, Texas

Classification: Senior

Major: Marketing

Why did you choose Schreiner?
I came to continue my athletic career but stayed for the friendships I gained.

How has Schreiner helped you reach your goals?
Schreiner has shown me parts of the world I may of never been able to seen. Giving me work experience through the various internships I was able to have. Chamber of Commerce, Career Development and Marketing department have given me so many skills.

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?
Prioritize! I know you hear it a lot, but it really does help you so you’re not rushing to get everything done.

Where is your favorite study spot?
I love the big trees in the middle of campus with panic tables. Surrounded by the beautiful campus.

Favorite restaurant in Kerrville?
Bonzai is definitely my favorite restaurant. I love when the cooks do all the fun tricks while cooking it.

Favorite campus events?
I love when we are invited to be apart of Phonathon which is when we get to call Alumni and donors and share our Schreiner experience.

Why did you join a sorority?
I joined for the sisterhood and fell in love with it because of the philanthropic work.

What has your experience in the Greek System?
My experience has been one that I can take with me in life. The people, lessons, memories are irreplaceable.

What’s your favorite Greek life event?
I can’t wait for ANAD week. ANAD is short for National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders and Delta Phi Epsilon dedicates a week to spreading awareness on campus.

What’s it like to be a part of Greek life?
Being in greek life you gain a stronger presence on campus, have more leadership opportunities as well as fun events and service events!

Do you work on campus? Which department? And what is it like to be student employee?
Yes, I work on campus. I work in Career Development and Marketing department. It feels good to be a student employee because I get to meet different people and get experience with many things throughout campus and the community. They are flexible with my schedule.