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Austin C.

Austin C.

Hometown: Ennis, TX

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Mathematics with Minor in Teaching Certification

Why SU?
I chose Schreiner University because of the small campus atmosphere. You get really close to your peers and you build great relationships with the faculty and staff. Also, Schreiner has allowed me to continue playing tennis while also giving the opportunities to pursue a career in the education field.

How has Schreiner helped you reach your goals? 
Schreiner has helped me reach my goals by providing all the resources to be successful. If that is the tutoring center, career advising, or even studying abroad, there are plenty of ways Schreiner has helped me reach my goals.

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?
I would say get involved in an organization on campus! Don’t just stay in your room for your whole first year. Joining an organization is where you will meet some of your closest friends.

Favorite study spot:
The Stem Zone or the library are some of my favorite spots to study!

Favorite restaurant in Kerrville?
Breakfast: Mary’s Tacos
Lunch/Dinner: Bumdoodlers or Acapulco

What club, sport, activity, program, are you in and why did you join? 
I am in a few different organizations on campus, the Men’s Tennis Team, the Student Activities Board, the Ancient and Honorable Order, Resident Assistant, the Mountaineer Leadership Academy, and the Mountaineer Mentor Program. All of these great organizations allow me to further develop my leadership skills while also creating lifelong friendships and professional relationships.

Favorite Campus events:
There are so many events that happen on campus, but some of my favorites would be: SAB events, Late-night Breakfast, Popcon, Mountaineer Camp, and a bunch of the sporting events!