Communication Studies

Schreiner University offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Communication Studies. The program provides students the opportunity to study human communication practices and processes, contexts in which communication occurs, theories of communication, as well as the research and criticism that surround and embody the field.

Students graduating with a Communication Studies degree are well-positioned in today’s “knowledge era” as people able to create and manipulate symbols, identify and solve problems, and broker communication strategies for regional, national and international employers across a wide range of professions. This multidisciplinary major emphasizes a strong liberal arts curriculum. It is designed primarily for students preparing to enter careers in government and social services, business, academia, law, management, journalism, public relations and other media-related industries.

A Major in Communication Studies consists of the following upper level courses:

  • COMM 3310
  • COMM 3320
  • COMM 3350
  • COMM 3351
  • COMM 3352
  • and COMM 4397 or 4398.

Additionally the student will take 15 hours from the following upper level courses:

  • COMM 3322, 3323
  • COMM 3330, 3340
  • COMM 4310
  • COMM 4330
  • COMM 4350, or COMM 4360.

A minor in Communication Studies consists of:

  • COMM 2301 and one lower level COMM course with at least 12 hours of upper level COMM courses.

Department Chair

Adolfo Mora
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Academic Affairs

Department Chair

Carrie West, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Communication Studies

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