STEM Learning Communities

Where STEM Learners become STEM Leaders

The STEM Learning Communities support freshman and transfer students interested in pursuing a degree in one of the STEM disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. As a STEM Learning Community member, you will participate in a variety of projects and activities to sharpen your problem-solving and communication skills. You will explore complex, real-life scenarios within your desired STEM discipline. Service learning and interactive role-playing pedagogies will bring your classroom experience to life—join a STEM Learning Community!

Application Instructions:

Once you have been admitted to Schreiner University, you will have access to the Learning Communities online application through your Schreiner One account.  To login to Schreiner One use your student login credentials. Please visit the Learning Communities page in Schreiner One to apply.

Next Steps:

The STEM Learning Communities Coordinator will review completed applications in the order they are received. Applicants who, based on their application, are good fit for the community will be invited to participate.

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STEM Learning Communities – Program Information

STEM Learning Communities are designed for students pursuing a STEM major in one of the following fields: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

STEM Learning Communities serve both freshmen and transfer students. Using adaptive instruction and support, the STEM LCs can meet the unique needs of students new to Schriener’s STEM based academic programs.

Incoming freshmen students join the STEM Living and Learning Community (LLC) and share a residence hall with other members of the community. LLC members also attend interdisciplinary studies (IDST) courses, together during the fall and spring semester of their freshmen year. The STEM LC Coordinator acts as their IDST instructor and freshmen advisor.

Incoming transfer students join the STEM Transfer Learning Community (TLC). Transfer students accelerate their STEM experience by advancing to the interdisciplinary studies (IDST 2200) career exploration class. Transfer students in the STEM TLC are not required to room together on campus.

All members of the STEM Learning Communities are invited to travel on academic excursions throughout the year. STEM LC members also have direct access to student success coaching and programming offered through the STEMZone. STEM Learning Communities are where STEM learners become STEM leaders.
Listed below are the IDST course descriptions and prior/future STEM LC excursions.

IDST 1301: Freshmen Studies
This first-year seminar introduces the incoming college student to the academy of research, scholarship, thought, and knowledge. This seminar will investigate a variety of relevant and timely topics. This class will emphasize close and critical reading, lively class discussion, and practice in academic research and writing.

IDST 2200: Career Exploration
This course provides the opportunity for students to explore academic goals and to define career choices. Students will examine different STEM careers, model a project-focused working environment, and develop problem-solving and communication skills.

Upcoming Excursions (2018/2019)

March 1-2, 2019— Texas Academy of Science 2019 Annual Meeting at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas

April 2019—Visit to the McDonald Observatory at Fort Davis, Texas

Previous Excursions (2017/2018)

September 2017 – Digital Frontiers at University of North Texas in Denton, Texas

March 2018 – Texas Academy of Science 2018 Annual Meeting in Midland, Texas

About the STEM Learning Communities Coordinator

Laura Yeck joined Schreiner University in August 2017 as the STEM Learning Communities Coordinator. Before coming to Schreiner, Laura worked at the community college level teaching English and coordinating STEM programs. She holds a B.S. in Humanities and English from BYU-Idaho and a M.Ed. from Tarleton State University. Laura loves the exploring how STEM advancements continue to shape society, especially in the areas of biological and biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, and machine ethics. She lives in the hills between Center Point and Bandera.