The Health Professions Living and Learning Community is a selective program that allows health-professions students to live together, collaborate on community projects, and participate in an academically supportive environment. Students who participate in this project are uniquely prepared to pursue a Minor in Medical Humanities.

Health Professions community students will live on a dedicated wing of the new Baldwin Hall beginning Fall 2019, take one course per semester, take one course per semester as a cohort, participate in a community book club, and have a unique opportunity to engage with a group of like-minded individuals. In most cases, but not all, the following attributes are good predictors of success in the Health Professions Living and Learning Community:

  • Significant interest in pursuing study in a health profession
  • Extracurricular activities involving a high level of peer collaboration
  • Meaningful community involvement
  • Strong academic potential
  • A carefully crafted resume

Application Instructions:

To be considered for the Health Professions Living and Learning Community, a student must first be admitted to Schreiner University. Please visit our Admissions page for more information or Apply Now.

Once you have been admitted to Schreiner University, you will have access to the online application through your Schreiner One account under the Learning Communities tab.

Next Steps:

The Coordinator of the Health Professions Living and Learning Community and the Advisory Committee will review completed applications in the order they are received. Applicants, based on their completed application, who seem to be a good fit with the community will be invited to participate.

You can also contact Dr. Krisann Muscievicz, the coordinator, for more information.

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Muskievicz, Krisann

Krisann Muskievicz, PhD
Assistant Professor of English
Academic Affairs