Amazing Deed to help Schreiner Students is a Success

Schreiner Students Benefit from an Amazing Deed

In difficult times, Karl Ransleben’s Challenge makes a huge impact

Kerrville, TX – Schreiner University’s commitment to ensuring it meets its promises to the students that have entrusted the University to provide a premier education could not be accomplished without support from its donors. With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and after the University just sent all of its students home for the rest of the semester, a Schreiner University alumnus and current member of Schreiner’s Board of Trustees, Karl Ransleben, stepped in to help. Ransleben made a tremendous offer to help fulfill Schreiner’s promise and support these Hill Country students – a dollar for dollar match up to $250,000 between Apr 15 and May 31.

Schreiner University announced today the extraordinary success of this campaign. When the original challenge of $250,000 was met early in May, Ransleben told Mark Tuschak, Vice President for Student Recruitment, External Affairs, Marketing & Communications, to keep it going. The campaign ended on May 31 with donations totaling $686,109 including Ransleben’s match.

“Schreiner is blessed to have friends like Karl Ransleben and the 170 other donors who responded to his challenge,” said Tuschak. “Karl is a man of action and high expectations. He led and others followed with great generosity.”

The University’s promise to its students was bolstered thanks to the generosity of Ransleben and others. The University’s faculty, staff, alumni, and friends from the community made the Ransleben Challenge a success at this critical time. Their support directly benefited the future of Schreiner students by supporting the Hill Country College Fund, the Nursing program, Campus Ministry, Learning Support Services, the general scholarship fund and Schreiner’s greatest need through unrestricted gifts. Schreiner students benefitted because of the remarkable acts of kindness, generosity and support of Schreiner University by Ransleben and all the donors that joined him.

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