Dear Prospective Mountaineer Parent:

By the beginning of high school senior year, my son and I had seen many a PowerPoint presentation, visited a lot of food courts, and seen a lot of buildings on campuses large and small at public and private schools. During every tour, I said to myself: “does this seem right? Will he fit in?” At Schreiner, I had my answer by the end of the campus tour.

After the formal tour, our guide sat with JW in an open area near the campus mailboxes. I settled into the background to observe what I thought would be a typical recruiting interview. I was surprised when, instead of launching into a set of talking points, the young lady opened with “Please, you go first. Tell me about yourself.” While she was listening, a man on his way to check his campus mailbox introduced himself as a professor, handed my 16-year-old son a business card and invited him to reach out any time—to come visit one of his business courses if he wanted to, just to see what it’s like. That’s when I knew Schreiner was a good place for JW to grow from a high school teen to a college adult, with respectful, individual attention. Since then, I’ve learned that my hunch was right: Schreiner is the right place to be:

  • The academics are solid, leading up to great opportunities for practical experience.
  • The “no surprises” finance plan makes expenses predictable. With no hidden costs for tuition, books, and technology fees, I’ve never gotten a “Hey Mom” call to send extra money for hidden fees, books, or food.
  • Tuition costs are stable as long as the student meets all the milestones to graduate on time.
  • Flexible work-study and part-time job options keep ongoing expenses manageable.
  • Sports and clubs give many options to get involved and stay active on campus and in the community.

As members of the Schreiner Parents Association (SPA), my husband and I feel connected to campus without having to hover. We can find out what’s going on week to week throughout the semester and reach out to other parents and to school administrators if we ever need to.

As a prospective Mountaineer family, hopefully you too are already feeling welcomed and supported. If you have any questions as you seek the best place for your student to grow, reach out to the SPA. You can “like” us on Facebook and send us a message, even if it’s just to say “hi!”…we’re here for you.


Letter Signature

Bonnie Taylor Mom of JW, Class of 2021