Winter Term Courses/Activities

Monday, November 27th through Friday, December 15th

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If a student earns a C or better or satisfactorily meets all requirements of the experience, then no tuition, room, or board charges will be applied to student’s bill. If student earns a D, F, W or does not satisfactorily meet all requirements of the experience, then tuition, room, and board charges will be applied to student’s bill.

Notifications to students will be sent by Dean of Students, Office of Financial Services, Office of Registrar, and Office of Residence Life.

Students may only elect 2 courses (6-hour equivalent) based on one academic course and one non-academic course. Students may not register for two academic courses. Students may sign up for two non-academic courses.

Students must be registered for Spring 2024 in order to participate in The Winter Term Experience.

The last day to drop Winter Term Courses is Tuesday, November 28th at 5pm – allowing students to engage with classes.

Cabinet will appoint a champion for The Winter Term in the summer (point of contact, person reporting enrollment and updates, person to finalize offerings).

Schreiner Diner will be open Monday, November 27th (Brunch and dinner) through Friday, December 15th for students participating in the winter term experience.

Empower Your Winter with Meaningful Learning Experiences

Getting Back on Academic Track

Undergraduate Research


Why having a side hustle can make you a millionaire

Off campus work experience

On campus work experience (including undergraduate research)

Athletic experience

Performing Arts Holiday Showcase: The Old Campus Spirits

Healthy Lifestyle

Service Experience with Habitat for Humanity

Developing Your Own Business: Brand Production & Management in a Digital World

IDST 2370: Leader-ship and Virtuous Decision Making (The Nimitz Seminar)

Running your Own Business: Pop-up Restaurant

Study Abroad

Domestic Travel Experiences