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Communication Disorders Studies MajorThe new Communication Disorders degree allows students to pursue training to become a Speech Therapist or Audiologist. Students will learn about normal and disordered speech, language and hearing, and prepare for careers in this field. Speech Therapists work in schools and healthcare facilities. Audiologists work in healthcare facilities and private clinics. This is one of the fastest growing jobs in the healthcare industry. Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, graduates will be prepared to enter the workforce as Speech Pathology Assistants or Audiology assistants, enter graduate school to obtain a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology or a Doctorate in Audiology. Students will be knowledgeable about the mechanisms of speech, language and hearing, and the identification and treatment of these disorders.

The Communication Disorders degree requires two years of general education and pre-requisite courses, then admission into the Communication Disorders program for the final two years of specialized studies and training. All courses are offered at Schreiner University, or students can transfer their pre-requisite and general education courses and begin with the upper-level specialized courses.

A Major in Communication Disorders (SPLH) requires the following hours: 33 core hours, 27 Collateral hours, 42 major hours, and 17 minimum elective hours. The major courses include:

SPLH 1301
SPLH 3301
SPLH 3302
SPLH 3304
SPLH 3305
SPLH 3306
SPLH 3307
SPLH 4301
SPLH 4303
SPLH 4304
SPLH 4305
SPLH 4306

Diana Comuzzie
Diana Comuzzie, PhD
Director of the Health Professions Program

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Diana Comuzzie
Diana Comuzzie, PhD
Director of the Health Professions Program