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STEM Mountaineer Connection
STEM Mountaineer Connection

STEM Mountaineer Connection – a summer engagement experience where incoming STEM interested students get early exposure to academic material, faculty in a variety of STEM disciplines, and undergraduate research.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

All STEM Mountaineer Connection applications must be submitted online. Click here, complete the application form and make sure all of the information provided is correct.

When do I need to apply?

The deadline is Monday, June 29, 2020.

Can I apply even though I have not yet been accepted into Schreiner University?

Yes! We encourage you to apply to the STEM Mountaineer Connection if you have applied to Schreiner University and are still awaiting a response from the university.

Can I still apply for the STEM Mountaineer Connection if I am a transfer student?

Yes! This program allows you to establish a cohort of like-minded students and an opportunity to meet STEM faculty and get acquainted with the campus.

How much does the STEM Mountaineer Connection cost?

Our 2020 summer program will be online; therefore, there will be no charge this year. Although, space is limited so hurry as we are only accepting 24 students in this program.

Can I save my application and work on it at a later time?

Unfortunately, no. The system we use to create the application is not able to save applications in between sessions. As a result, the application must be completed in one session.

I applied online for STEM Mountaineer Connection. When will I hear back about my acceptance?

After the deadline, students should expect to receive a response from our staff in two weeks. You will receive a response through both your schreiner and personal emails, as provided in your application. The email will contain forms for you to complete and bring with you to the STEM Mountaineer Connection check-in. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within two weeks or have trouble downloading the documents in the confirmation e-mail, please contact us at and we will verify your registration. Please also check your e-mail spam filter to ensure e-mails from have been marked as “not junk” and “always trust this sender.”

How can I contact someone for the STEM Mountaineer Connection?

Suzette Straps

The best form of contact is via email to The coordinator of the program is Suzette Straps. During the time of the STEM Mountaineer Connection, you may contact our staff from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by calling (830) 792-7438. If you need to send mail to the STEM Mountaineer Connection, please use the following address:

Schreiner University
STEM Mountaineer Connection Coordinator
Suzette Straps CMB 6247
2100 Memorial Blvd
Kerrville, TX 78028

What happens after I am accepted?

After you have been accepted into the STEM Mountaineer Connection, an email will be sent to both your Schreiner and personal emails two weeks after the application deadline closes. Please make sure you read through the e-mail and complete the necessary forms on time.

I applied for the STEM Mountaineer Connection and have not received an admission decision yet. What should I do?

Check your Schreiner University and personal emails as well as associated junk mail folders. Please make sure your spam filters are set to allow e-mails from If you have not received an email within two weeks of the application deadline date, please contact us at

What are the program dates?

The STEM Mountaineer Connection program dates are: Please check back for 2021 dates.

If I do not enroll in my classes before the start of the STEM Mountaineer Connection, will I still be able to enroll in my classes?

Yes! Our staff will coordinate a date and time for students to enroll in their fall classes, and will notify the student of the details. We HIGHLY encourage you completing all the Mountaineer Orientation requirements before the start date of the program. See list h​e​r​e:

Can I leave the program early or come late?

Please contact STEM Mountaineer Connection Coordinator to discuss details.

I have a prior engagement during the STEM Mountaineer Connection dates and temporarily need to leave campus and the program. Will I be allowed to do this?

No. Students will not be allowed to leave campus, or the program, for any reason—no exemptions. The program coordinator should be made aware of any questions or concerns regarding personal conflicts during the program dates as soon as possible.

I have already applied and been accepted to the program and can no longer attend. What do I need to do?

Please email immediately to let us know.

What is the STEM Mountaineer Connection?

The STEM Mountaineer Connection is a two-week program for incoming freshmen and transfers of Schreiner University, who are planning to major in a STEM discipline.

The summer program has been designed to help students prepare academically for coursework in the STEM fields, course credit, team building exercises and seminars. Additionally, students will build relationships with peers, faculty and staff. The program includes faculty introductions, knowledge of STEM experience opportunities, team building exercises and much more. STEM Mountaineer Connection is an elite program that will put you one-step ahead in college.

Who can go to STEM Mountaineer Connection?

This program is for incoming freshmen and transfers who are majoring in a discipline in the STEM fields at Schreiner University. We want to help you start your Schreiner University college career on the right foot.

How many people will be at STEM Mountaineer Connection?

We are expecting approximately 24 participants this summer. Students are selected from a competitive application pool. This number is small and allows great relations to develop with peers, faculty and staff.

What do I need to bring to STEM Mountaineer Connection?

As an online program, feel free to bring your favorite drink, snack, and learning cap so you will be ready for the new experience in the next step of your life’s journey.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for STEM Mountaineer Connection?

First, read ALL of the program emails. Make sure all your registration paperwork has been completed. Do not forget to bring the paperwork to check-in! Secondly, please register and attend your Mountaineer Orientation before the program starts. Then, get excited for the fun to begin!

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