STEM Faculty Development

Examining how we learn; how we teach; and how we can do both better

STEM Faculty Development provides opportunities to examine how we learn, how we teach, and how we can do both better. To keep pace with the ever-changing student population and with new trends in higher education, STEM faculty must be exposed to new methodologies, interact with others demonstrating best practices, and share scholarship. In short, STEM faculty must be innovative in our approach to education. John Dewey professed, “I believe that education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.” The university student is poised to live fully engaged in the present to prepare to embrace the future. Cultivating life-long learners should be an integral part of higher education. As STEM educators, we must be at the forefront of that commitment.


Presley, Lesa

Lesa Presley
Lesa Presley, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biology
Academic Affairs
Office: Trull 126

Classes Taught
BIOL 1400: Human Biology
BIOL 1400: LAB
BIOL 1401: Concepts in Biological Science
BIOL 1401: LAB
BIOL 1405: Environmental Science
BIOL 1405: LAB
BIOL 3414: General Microbiology
BIOL 3414: LAB
BIOL 3360: Scientific Terminology
BIOL 3450: Cell Biology
BIOL 3450: LAB
BIOL 4398: Internship in Biology
IDST 1101: Freshman Seminar


  • Master of Science, Midwestern State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Texas A&M Commerce

Lesa enjoys hiking, camping and when the opportunity presents itself, scuba diving. “I could gaze at life underwater and explore the depths for hours on end, if my tank wouldn’t run out of air.” When she isn’t walking with her golden retriever, she finds herself in front of a computer screen deep in desktop publishing. “I have volunteered my ‘expertise’ to quite a few projects over the years and currently publish a monthly newsletter for my son’s school.”  Lesa began teaching at SU in spring 2005. “I love life science. It is challenging and rewarding to work with students as we learn about the intricacies of living things. Lesa is married with 2 children.