First among the many extraordinary opportunities you have as part of a University community is the chance to encounter engaging ideas, performances, and individuals. In addition to the classroom, Schreiner offers a wide variety of out-of-class experiences that connect students to great works of literature and enduring works of the theater, that introduce students to music from a wide-range of styles, and that confront students with ideas and arguments that are both disrupting and liberating. In an effort to reproduce some of these experiences virtually, the amazing faculty and staff at Schreiner University bring you

20/20: The Schreiner University Virtual Lecture and Performance Series

In a world that has turned upside down and seems difficult to understand, we hope these moments of engagement bring you clarity.

Women’s Political Participation, Citizenship and the Significance of the 19th Amendment
Dr. Jeannette Cockroft

Get to Know Your President
Dr. Charlie McCormick

Journaling for Creative Writers and Everyone Else: Tips and Techniques”
Dr. William Woods

Why Hair Matters
Dr. Charlie McCormick

Courses and Lessons at the Diogenes Lantern

Diogenes Lantern

Reading ethnicity
Dr. Adolfo Mora

Dr. Matt Goodwyn

The Texas Center @ Schreiner University

Dr. Donald Frazier
How Texas Won the Civil War

How Texas Won the Civil War

Dr. Donald Frazier
The US Constitution Line by Line

The US Constitution Line by Line
Music & Conversation Logo

Cosy Sheridan “Quietly Led”

Cosy Sheridan “Humor in Music”

The Flyin A’s – The Song Writing Process

Michael McNevin “How Music Defines Us”

Steve Fisher “Family Tree”

Cosy Sheridan

Verlon Thompson

Verlon Thompson “Personal Favorite”

Sweet Child of Mine

St James Infirmary

St Louis Blues

My Baby Don’t Care For Me