Schreiner Success Stories

Sarah B., senior, psychology
Sarah B.
My college experience only started two years ago, but I am going to graduate in December. In that short timeframe, Schreiner has afforded me opportunities I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else—including graduating so early. SU’s unique interdisciplinary studies courses have helped guide my college experience. In these classes, I was able to identify my personal strengths that led me to psychology, work with students of different majors, expand my creativity and integrate all this into the current issues facing the world today. These classes helped me better understand the benefits of my college experience in preparation for my graduate school studies. The benefit of understanding myself as a person is more valuable to my wellbeing than anything I’ve learned in a textbook.
A huge opportunity Schreiner gave me was to add value to the Kerrville community through their community internship program. I was able to find an internship that spoke to my interest. I want to earn my doctorate in clinical psychology to counsel military veterans. Career Services helped me find an internship to expose me to the veteran population and I ended up at the American Red Cross as their Service to the Armed Forces intern this past summer. I was able to interview veterans about their time in the military and volunteer at the VA Hospital. Now I have a much better understanding of what veterans need, the experiences they have and how those experiences might affect those around them. I feel the veterans of our military have done so much for us, and that we need to give them better care and appreciation after they return home.