Schreiner Success Stories

Michael Anthony S. III graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology/pre-med and is waiting to be accepted into medical school at Texas Tech University.
Michael S.
Schreiner University has provided a great learning environment in which to grow and mature while receiving a college education. Throughout my time at Schreiner, I have been thoroughly involved around the campus both academically and socially. These experiences I have been provided with have allowed me to build a solid foundation to propel me into a positive direction to head into the real world. I am a part of two mentoring programs at Schreiner University which are currently known as Science Student Mentors and First Year Experience. These programs have allowed me to work alongside my peers and faculty members to accomplish the overall goal to mold successful students that are ready to integrate into the real world. Being involved with these experiences allows me to work one on one with students, tutor in certain subjects and successfully integrate new students into the university. Along with the mentoring programs, I am also a part of Schreiner’s men’s basketball program which has taught me team building qualities.

The experiences Schreiner has provided for me have shaped who I am today and armed me with the necessary tools to make a difference once I leave Schreiner University. Growing at Schreiner, I have learned to be approachable, academically sound and motivated. Being a science major, I was provided with great science professors and facilities that further solidified that I chose the major that was right for me. Pursuing a career as a physician in the medical field, I feel what I have gained has been essential. The high standard of excellence in the classroom along with opportunities that have given me practice with working with others has braced me with what I need to continue my journey. The beginning to any real world endeavor is essential; Schreiner has provided me with a university that has given me a great foundation to pursue my dream of practicing medicine.