Schreiner Success Stories

Karyn Claire S., sophomore, elementary education
Karyn S.
When I was a child, I had dreamed of becoming a horse trainer or a famous actress. However, the Lord has a specific plan for the future. As I grew older, my dream changed into becoming an elementary teacher. The most impacting, inspirational and memorable people in my life have been educators—they not only have taught me to read and write, but really reaffirmed my aspiration. In my first two years at Schreiner University, I have been given numerous opportunities to further build and enhance my desire to become a teacher.

During my freshman year, I took an education class that gave me the chance to create a lesson plan that could be utilized in a real classroom. For my project, I decided to use a creative approach and make a video that demonstrated my personality as well as my teaching ability. The positive feedback and praise that I received from my professor and various other educators at Schreiner reinforced my desire to teach elementary students.

This year, for one of my education classes, I was given the opportunity to observe multiple teachers from a local elementary school. The experience provided me with the insight and knowledge that can only be gained from actually being in a classroom and watching a talented teacher at work.

As I continue my education at Schreiner, I look forward to more experiences and opportunities that will mold me into the great teacher I aspire to be.