Schreiner Success Stories

Hannah Fei D., senior, communication designs Hannah D.

Coming to Schreiner University has been a rewarding experience for me. I feel that I have truly benefited from attending school here. One of my favorite things about Schreiner is the smaller class size that allow me to have a personal connection with my professors, which I wouldn’t get at a state school.

Some of my best memories are simply of walking into one of my professor’s office and having a conversation with them about design, future projects and when they loan me one of their cherished books.

Schreiner University gave me the freedom and guidance I needed to pursue learning my craft and endorsed me traveling to London for my two internships in communication design. I’ve also traveled to China and volunteered at a handicapped orphanage teaching the children English and how to use a computer.

Schreiner University is a great experience because it has helped me prepare for the future; I will not forget the lessons I learned here.