Schreiner Success Stories

Chelsea M., senior, multidisciplinary studies—English and language arts
Chelsea M.
Schreiner University has been an experience in which I cannot begin to put a price tag on. My life has taken a new direction since my attendance at this university; I cannot pinpoint the change on any one experience or any one person. Instead, it was a handful of people painted with moments of learning, care, love and even pain, which redirected my path. Schreiner University has more clearly displayed my purpose in life and its direction toward others. The opening words at the front gate speak a measure of truth: Learning by Heart.
I have learned about psychology, philosophy, poetry, critical thinking, history, chemistry and so much more, but what stays with you in life is what you learn with your heart. Schreiner University teaches its students so much more than knowledge. With quiet moments among a peaceful campus, caring and understanding staff and various opportunities to connect with new and interesting people, it teaches us a truth that only the heart can understand.

The discovery of this truth and what it means, well, that is completely left to you.