Schreiner Success Stories

Charlie N. Charlie Nunez, a senior Pre-law major, was named Schreiner University’s Student Leader of the Month for June 2014. His journey to this achievement surprised even him.
Charlie says, “Freshman year I came to Schreiner University to play basketball.  I may have said it was for the small class sizes or the student-to-teacher ratio or any of the other selling points Schreiner takes pride in, but my main reason was the opportunity to play at the next level.  When it came to classes, I wasn’t worried about the classes or the material, I am a hard worker and I knew I needed to pass in order to be eligible to play.  As for other extra-curricular activities, I wasn’t interested.  My plan for the next four years was to focus on basketball and nothing else.”
“My Freshman Studies instructor was former Dean of Students, Peg Layton. As the semester progressed I enjoyed the class more and more. Typical of the student-teacher interaction that Schreiner is known for, Dean Layton got to know me better and asked me to be a part of Impact Leadership group. That changed my college career completely.  I wasn’t sure why she asked me or what she saw in me—like I said, my plan was just to focus on basketball—but I wasn’t going to say “no” to the Dean so, of course, I accepted the opportunity.”  

“Impact leadership opened my eyes to so many possibilities and doors that can be opened.  I met many interesting students and enjoyed the many hours of community service.  It was a great feeling to give back the community and make a difference.  Impact leadership then opened a door for me into Student Senate. “

Charlie is involved in multiple organizations on campus. Besides Student Senate, he is a member of the prestigious NetVue Committee, Schreiner Ambassadors, Student Service Committee and serves as the men’s basketball team representative for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. He was also selected for The Order, a group on campus charged with creating and institutionalizing spirit and pride-based programs on campus. He has also assisted the community with Habit for Humanity, the San Antonio Mobile Food Bank, CSI (Community Service Initiative): Kerr County, and has mentored in public schools in Kerrville ISD. Upon graduation, Charlie intends to go to law school.
Matt Goodwyn,  Assistant Dean of Students said “While most students recognize Charlie as a member of the men’s basketball team, most recently our incoming freshman class has gotten to know Charlie as a Mountaineer Mentor. Charlie is a part of a student leadership team that works with incoming first year students during orientation and will be working with them in their freshmen seminar class. Charlie also received recognition as the most valuable orientation leader of Mountaineer Days 1.”
The Student Leader of the Month is an award sponsored by Student Services that recognizes a Schreiner University undergraduate student for excellence in leadership through campus involvement, leadership activities and/or through volunteer and community service programs.