Schreiner Success Stories

Brandon G., senior, chemistry
Brandon G.
We watch movies that roll out epic tales of warriors crossing land and sea to rid the Earth of some powerful and universal enemy. For some reason, our society lusts after war and external conflicts. We seem to collectively seek out new and clever ways to point fingers and condemn others. As a person who has been to war, I can tell you the greater battle is within. There is no greater, more powerful or more universal enemy than we are to ourselves. Truly when, where and how each individual faces their real nemesis is different…maybe they never do.

As a man of faith, I prayed God would show me the way. The book of James tells us we are to ask God if we lack wisdom and He will give generously. After taking college algebra and an introduction to biology course, I remembered how much I was drawn to the sciences as a child. Science is the study of creation and is the wisdom of God. After signing a chemistry degree plan, I knew the next four years were going to be a challenge. A large work load was expected, but often times the biggest challenges came from within. When I came to Schreiner my heart was set on conquering my nemesis and dedicating myself to a lifetime of selfless service. Behind every assignment, every deadline, every exam, every final, class after class, semester after semester and year after year, I put on the full armor of God and glared into the face of my enemy. Science and religion are two sides of the same coin. Dedication to scientific pursuits with Christ as my foundation means dying for the greater good of humanity. When humanity cries out to God in the midst of suffering and pain how has He answered? Our eyes have been opened to the incredible wonders of the universe. With this wisdom we are able to ease our suffering of all sorts.

Schreiner University has served as the crucible. I came to Schreiner a bag of mixed tricks. I will leave Schreiner a strong alloyed metal ingot ready to be shaped by whatever lies ahead.