Purposeful Lives

Reyes A. M. III, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and is attending medical school in Mexico.
Reyes M.
Coming to Schreiner has been one of the most amazing decisions I have ever made in my life. Growing up in the city of Houston some may say, “Why the Hill Country?” Sometimes we just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while and come to a place where we can learn and have a clear mind.

No words can express the immense opportunities, knowledge and friendships gained from within these Schreiner walls. Schreiner has been this prefect place in which one person can really have that one on one attention from faculty and staff that really cares you for.

My time here at Schreiner has been filled with many great life changing experiences. Being a part of a great Greek organization Phi Delta Theta, has helped me gained valuable leadership experiences, as well as grow close with excellent men I can call my brothers. Also being able to be a part of the Student Activities Board for three and a half years, has open my eyes to the world of event programming, both on a large and small scale basis. Working along other students planning events has been a good chunk of my life here at Schreiner and it has helped me gain knowledge in social awareness as well as the detail and logistics in event programming.

Having been part of the Schreiner choir, it gave me a tremendous learning experience. Having the opportunity to sing on tour with the choir through the green grassy hills, cobble stoned streets, castle-filled country of Ireland was an amazing and enriching learning experiencing. What I learned from Ireland was that the world is a massive place, and we are simply just a little part of it. There are other cultures out there in which we can learn from, cultures that invite you into their homes and offer the clothes off their back just from knowing you for a few seconds. Learning this about the Irish really stuck with me and has been on my mind. This experience is ultimately what made me decide on applying to international medical schools.

Just recently, I finished a dual internship in which I was at St. Joseph Medical Center in downtown Houston interning with a neurosurgeon. Then I spent a few weeks in Guadalajara, Mexico, where I was volunteering at a free clinic with my church. There, my duties were to take vital signs of patients who came in and write down what is was they were experiencing. Then I would send them to see the doctor in the other room. Both of these experiences did their job in assuring that medicine is the right path for me. Being able to see the huge difference in health care views from the U.S. and well as in Mexico gave me a new mind set in which I can only hope to one day change with my career.

Ultimately I could not have made it this far without faith, family, friends, and my loving professors. Learning from my professors is what has molded me into what I know today.  I think I can speak for the seniors when I say that now we understand, after fours years. We know why it is what they did, and we are extremely grateful for them. I couldn’t have asked for any better faculty to help me in my undergrad career. I am truly blessed to have had an amazing experience here at Schreiner University.