Purposeful Lives

Ibhar “Jasiel” H., junior, marketing
Ibhar H.
My name is Ibhar, and I am from Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico. This is my third year at Schreiner University studying marketing with a minor in information systems.

Attending Schreiner University for the last three years has been an amazing experience that has helped me to develop skills and qualities needed to succeed. During my first year, I experienced a cultural shock because I was not accustomed to the culture and conducts. I was coming from a high school in South Texas—where most students were from Mexico—to Schreiner—a school where most students are from the San Antonio area.

During my first year, I learned about the American culture, about the people from San Antonio and the Hill Country, about the traditions and festivities, and about the laws and regulations that take place both nationally and locally. It was such an adventure to get to know people who spoke a different language and had different backgrounds. My freshmen year, I was part of the Exodus Project (freshman Christian living and learning community), and this group helped to find friends who cared and prayed for me.
Working as a work study for Career Development has helped me gain skills and knowledge that are useful in the real world. I have also taken leadership positions at Schreiner—I am ChiPhi’s chapter president, a member of the judicial board, member-at-large for student senate and a leader for Baptist Student Ministries. These opportunities have helped me explore abilities that were unknown to me. I have overcome my fears by expanding my knowledge during outside and inside classroom activities.

Schreiner has helped me create a better version of myself, and this university has changed my perspective about what really matters in life. The opportunities offered in Schreiner have allowed me to become a successful, responsible person capable of achieving my life goals. These past three years have been a great adventure, and Schreiner has been the place where I can find caring people, excellent professors and enormous opportunities to excel.