Purposeful Lives

Cody B., senior, information systems major
Cody B.
I began my bachelor’s degree in information systems at Schreiner University with the aim of challenging myself and learning new skills. During my education, I quickly discovered that Schreiner University’s programs go far beyond the simple task of teaching theory in the classroom; they teach applicable skills that I have learned to use and will continue to use throughout my career.

My time spent at Schreiner University has taught me that I can learn any area of technology if I apply myself. I was lucky that faculty and staff saw this initial drive in me and offered me a position in Schreiner University’s Enterprise Technology Services department. As I continue my education, this position is providing me with invaluable opportunities to learn new skills that will be essential for my chosen career.

Thanks to the diversity of the programs at Schreiner University, I have been able to continue applying and expanding the skills I’ve learned. By imparting the knowledge necessary for attaining these skills, Schreiner University is providing me with a competitive edge in my chosen career path.