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Star Party at Schreiner Feb. 27

Star Party

The Loftis Family Science Center at Schreiner University will host a star party starting at 9 p.m. Monday, Feb. 27.

Using the center’s domed 16-inch telescope--as well as eight-inch telescopes--participants will be able-- weather permitting--to view first Mars, then Jupiter, and in between “whatever cool nebula or cluster that is up in the sky,” says Dr. Kim Arvidsson, assistant professor of physics and astronomy.

The event is free to the public. Parking is available adjacent to the center. The entrance gate is along East Main Street across from the Schreiner University baseball and softball fields, and is marked by a flagpole.

The event will be cancelled if the sky is overcast.

The Loftis Family Science Center was made possible by a gift from the late Dennis Loftis, an amateur—but accomplished—astronomer. In addition to the new observatory and telescope, the 3,500-square-foot facility includes a field biology lab and classroom.

For more information on the star party or the Loftis Center, contact Dr. Arvidsson at or phone 830-792-7249.