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Schreiner Scores High at ACUI Championship

Schreiner Shooting Sports

Members of the Schreiner Shooting Sports Society with their trophies from the ACUI championship are, from left, b ottom row--Logan McLendon, Colt McBee, Melissa Barringer, Rachel Barringer, Remington McBee, and Mason Wilks; top row--Key Strickland, Jacob Follmer, and Ian Hyde.

The Schreiner Shooting Sports Society placed second overall in Division III at the ACUI Collegiate Clay Target National Championship in San Antonio, March 28–April 2.  

The Mountaineers captured two team titles, finished second in three others, and third in one. Individual shooters won eight events, placed second in three others, and were third in one.  

Competing for Schreiner were Melissa Barringer, Rachel Barringer, Jacob Follmer, Brendan Graff, Ian Hyde, Colt McBee, Remington McBee, Logan McLendon, Key Strickland, and Mason Wilks.  

As a team, Schreiner set the national record in American skeet with 497/500. They placed first  in international skeet; second in American trap, international trap, and five stand; and third in sporting clays.  

Melissa Barringer won the Women’s National Clay Target Championship HOA Award, hitting 507 birds out of 550. She placed first in  American trap women’s open; five stand women’s open; combined American events women’s open; and combined five stand/sporting clays women’s open. She was second in American skeet women’s open.  

Remington McBee was first in international skeet men’s open and combined international events. He placed second in the international skeet invitational and earned a spot on the collegiate USA shooting squad. He was also second in combined skeet events.  

First-place medals also went to Rachel Barringer in American skeet women’s open, and Jacob Follmer in international skeet A-class. Colt McBee placed third in combined international events.  



During competition at the National Shooting Complex, the Schreiner team totaled 2,235 birds (targets hit) out of 2,350. Lindenwood University hit 2,289 and Hillsdale College hit 2,244.   

The team is coached by Bill Thomas of Hunt, who has a long career as a competitive shooter.   

The ACUI National Championships featured 85 teams and 828 total competitors from all over the nation.