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September 9, 2011

Schreiner welcomes record full-time enrollment

Despite a slow economy that has taken a toll on colleges and universities throughout the U.S., Schreiner University is reporting its largest full-time enrollment in the school’s history. Overall enrollment is down slightly, but is expected to return to growth pattern in fall 2012, according to Schreiner president Dr. Tim Summerlin.

“Entering a fourth year of economic distress nationally, we are pleased to have registered our largest full-time student enrollment in history and our second highest total enrollment and freshman class,” Summerlin said. “We believe that families see in a Schreiner education a meaningful investment in the future, and we intend to provide a valued return on that investment. Schreiner has not altered its commitment to grow to 1,200 students, and we intend to reverse this year’s 2 percent decline in headcount next fall. As always, we will carefully weigh any cost increases against the aid we offer and the concrete ways we are enhancing our academic programs, facilities and learning opportunities. Being a premier place of learning is our first priority, but being a premier place of learning accessible to qualified students is really the whole goal.”

Schreiner’s total enrollment for 2011-12 is 1,090 students, with 1,038 attending full time.

“We were pleased not only with the number of new students who made Schreiner their college choice, but also their level of scholarship,” said Peg Layton, vice president for enrollment and student services and dean of students. “The average SAT score of this year’s freshman class represents a significant increase over prior years. Both our Presidential Scholars Program and our new freshman Honors Living Learning Community have attracted some real academic stars.”

For the first time this year, Schreiner is offering a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and an MBA degree, which only enhance further Schreiner’s reputation as a premiere place of learning.

“In addition to the programs and courses that we typically offer, we are expanding our undergraduate research opportunities in the sciences and across campus,” said Dr. Charlie McCormick, provost and vice president for academic affairs. “We are launching a new program of study in nursing, we are expanding our graduate offerings through the new MBA program and our 100 percent online principal certification program, we are pushing learning beyond the classroom through our new first-year living and learning communities and we are exploring new pedagogies in the traditional face-to-face classroom and through online learning. It is an exciting time to be at Schreiner University.”

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