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July 27, 2011

Schreiner faculty react to the past in NYC
New York City This fall, students in Schreiner University’s required freshman seminar course will be living in the past with interdisciplinary role-playing games developed by Barnard College's (New York City) “Reacting to the Past” Institute.
After studying historical situations, students will take on roles in games set in the past. There are no scripts. The students will learn speaking, writing, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills as they represent their historical figures’ intellectual and cultural beliefs and philosophies in papers, speeches and public presentations. The outcomes of the semester-long class do not necessarily mirror the historical outcomes, as they are influenced by students’ strengths and ability to persuade.

In order to facilitate the classes, sixteen Schreiner University faculty members recently joined hundreds of colleagues from across the nation at the 11th annual “Reacting to the Past” summer institute at Barnard to learn the new high-impact teaching technique.
The attendees played roles in historical simulations and also met for faction meetings, planning out how the games would unfold. Among the featured games were “The Threshold of Democracy: Athens in 403 B.C.,” “Henry VIII and the Reformation Parliament” and Patriots, Loyalists and Revolution in New York City, 1775-76.”

Attending the conference were Dr. Kyle Busing, assistant professor of exercise science; Dr. Diana Comuzzie, professor of biology, dean of the Trull School of Sciences & Mathematics and director of interdisciplinary studies; Jeff Cunningham, adjunct instructor of theatre; Dr. Chris Distel, assistant professor of biology; Lucrecia Flores, adjunct instructor of exercise science; Dr. Jude Gallik, assistant professor of psychology and director of Learning Support Services; Sally Hannay, assistant professor of English; James Harris, visiting assistant professor of art; Diana James, adjunct instructor of art; Marcia McCulley, adjunct instructor of art; Lesa Presley, instructor of biology; Rexford Quick, assistant professor of library services; Scott Short, assistant professor of graphic design; Dr. David Smith, professor of graphic design and dean of the Cailloux School of Professional Studies; Dr. Tom Wells, professor of exercise science; and Dr. William Woods, professor of English and dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Schreiner.

“Schreiner University’s commitment to including RTTP in the IDST sequence has attracted national attention,” said Dean Woods. “We are one of only a few colleges using this teaching technique in all freshmen seminar courses, which serves as a strong reminder of our innovative nature. ”

For more information about the summer institute, visit the website at and click on “News & Events.”

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