Campus News 2007

For Immediate Release
April 27, 2007

17th Annual Academic Awards Ceremony, April 20, 2007

Academic Awards Recipients


Education Department
“Excellent Student: EC – 4/4-8”
Sandra Van Winkle

“Excellent Student: 8-12 /All Levels”
Kendra Early

“Outstanding Graduate Student”
Elizabeth Hudson

English Department
“Outstanding English Majors”
Stephanie Gaines
Elizabeth Williams

“Pegasus Award”
Kevin Croft
Stephanie Gaines
Charlotte Ritter

“Research Recognition”
Elizabeth Boulware
James Edwards
Stephanie Gaines
Dolores Kimball
Lori Noonan
Dana Whitmire
Melissa Whitney
Elizabeth Williams

Exercise Science Department
“Outstanding Student - Exercise Science”
Heather Lee
Nick Morrison

Foreign Language Department
“Outstanding Achievement
in Elementary French”
Carolina Rivas

“Outstanding Achievement
in Elementary Spanish”
Janet McConkey
Jason Skrobarczyk
Michael Skrobarczyk
Patrick Waller

“Outstanding Achievement
in Spanish”
Stephanie Ramirez

History Department
“Outstanding History Student”
Elizabeth Williams

Mathematics Department
“Outstanding Mathematics Student”
Ashley Moore
Lynn Stow

“Outstanding Mathematics Graduate”
Matt Casey

Music Department
“Outstanding Music Student”
Katie Beth Lane
Mary Wingo

Religion Department
“Student of the Year - Religion”
Allison Wood

Theatre Department
“Outstanding Theatre Student”
Chris Fontanes
Genie Iness

“Outstanding Performance Artist”
Matthew Willis

Science Department
“Outstanding First Year - Biology”
Kathryn Calhoun

“Outstanding First Year - Chemistry”
Kathryn Calhoun
Lindsey Rutkowski

“Outstanding Biochemistry Graduate”
Melissa Dunlap

“Outstanding Biology Graduate”
Margaret Collins

“Outstanding Chemistry Graduate”
Sean Collins

“Outstanding Student - Organic Chemistry”
Stephanie Crane

“Most Promising Science Educator”
Corrina Fox

“Welch Research Award”
Aaron Lehnoff
Luke Whitmire

Professional Studies Department
“Business Right Stuff Award for
Academic Achievement”
Cody Lannon
Jennifer Staudt
Aaron Yates

“Outstanding Accounting Student”
Elsa Cepeda
Cameosha Hadnot
Taylor Scogin

“Outstanding MIS Graduate”
Chad Baker

“The Gold Gavel”
Mary Wingo

“The Silver Gavel”
Elsa Cepeda

Psychology Department
“Outstanding Academic Achievement
in Psychology - Junior”
Lindsay Boyd
Jennifer Farhoudi

“Outstanding Academic Achievement
in Psychology - Senior”
Michelle Dickey
Stephanie Ramirez

Who’s Who
“Who’s Who Among American
Universities & Colleges 2006-2007"
Whitney Barron
Wesley Blankman
Holly Clark
Margaret Collins
Sean Collins
Kevin Croft
Travis Curd
Glendon Domingue
Melissa Dunlap
Cameosha Hadnot
Alisha Johnson
Jennifer King
Gregory Kirkham
Kimberlee Mascaritola
Alexandra O’Connell
Stephanie Ramirez
Mary Wingo
Lauren Zimmermann

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