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The Schreiner Experience

In today’s competitive job market, a college degree alone isn’t enough. Employers are looking for professionals with real-world job experience, a background of community involvement, a strong, committed work ethic, and a broad world perspective. This is what The Schreiner Experience is all about.

Schreiner’s mission has long been to prepare students for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society. To this end, we introduced four new academic initiatives in the Fall of 2014, that will add greater value and impact to the undergraduate education that we provide.

These include:

  • Meaningful Work – This initiative provides each undergraduate student with at least one relevant work experience on or off campus (internship, work-study) that is closely related to his/her major.
  • Purposeful Lives – This initiative offers all undergraduates the opportunity to experience and learn from civic engagements, as well as opportunities to address the “big questions” of life that concern their sense of purpose, calling and core values.
  • Changing Global Society – This initiative gives students more opportunities to experience how others around the world live, work and think—and bring those ideas back to campus.
  • Concierge Books - This is Schreiner’s way of ensuring our undergraduate students have all of the correct course materials they need to be successful in their classes. They have them by the first day—and at no additional cost.

To learn more about The Schreiner Experience and its four initiatives, click here.

Quick Facts

According to national student survey data, Schreiner students are more satisfied with their experiences at Schreiner vs. the average student at other private universities across the nation.

Schreiner has a tradition of a Late Night Breakfast, when faculty and staff cook a hearty midnight meal for students studying for finals. Dress code: jammies.

Schreiner’s annual Student Achievement Showcase shines the spotlight on students’ original research, scholarship and creative accomplishments.

Schreiner students can expand their linguistic horizons by taking Mandarin Chinese, German, French or Spanish. Schreiner is a founding partner in the Texas Language Consortium.

Our Mission

Schreiner University, a private liberal arts institution affiliated by choice and covenant with the Presbyterian Church (USA), is committed to educating students holistically. Primarily undergraduate, the university offers a personalized, integrated education that prepares its students for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society.

Schreiner Campus

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A Texas Education Tradition

Founded in 1923, Schreiner is an independent and coeducational university with a rich history steeped in Texas heritage and tradition.

The school was founded by Captain Charles Schreiner; a Hill Country rancher, merchant and former Texas Ranger. Captain Schreiner asked the Presbyterian Church to help him create “facilities for high grade instruction and military training for boys and young men as preparation for college and university work." He donated land along the Guadalupe River to accommodate the new school.

Schreiner's first students arrived in 1923 from remote ranching communities. News of the prep school and its nurturing atmosphere spread quickly. Soon scores of young men from the Southwest and several Central and South American countries, gathered in Kerrville to earn their high school diplomas and junior college degrees.

By 1971 the military training was discontinued and the school became fully coeducational. In 1973, Schreiner phased out its high school and strengthened its college curricula. In 1981, the college became a four-year institution, graduating its first baccalaureate class three years later. Only a decade after, Schreiner College was listed as one of the top regional liberal arts colleges in the western United States by the prestigious U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges Guide. In February 2001, the Board of Trustees voted to change from Schreiner College to Schreiner University.