Community Volunteer Program

To create opportunities to engage the community, alumni, friends, faculty and staff in meaningful volunteer activities that will empower, activate and enrich our students' lives.

Schreiner University’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes recently hosted “The Great Leaf Jump” on campus for youngsters from Kerrville’s Doyle School Community Center. Other Schreiner students are volunteering at The Doyle School as mentors; the Greystone Academy men and women are paired with “littles;” the SU Tennis Team has helped out at the Center; and the women of Alpha Sigma Alpha have contributed financial support.

Doyle School children playing in leaves on campus
Patrick Cass, Director of The Doyle School Community Center says, “We are so blessed to have the young men and women of Schreiner University working in our community. Blessings upon them all.”



Dr. Thomas Noonan

"Find someplace that needs you to do what you love doing, and get involved with your whole heart."  - Dr. Thomas Noonan
Schreiner Volunteer