Giving to Shreiner   Phonathon

Giving to Shreiner What Is Phonathon?
Each semester, Schreiner University alumni, parents, and friends have an opportunity to talk with today's Schreiner students over the phone during the Schreiner University Phonathon. For three weeks in the fall and spring, our student callers call alumni, parents, and friends to ask for financial support for Schreiner’s Annual Fund.
Gifts to the Annual Fund provide scholarship assistance for students, money for campus improvements, funds to help Schreiner recruit the most talented faculty, and the money necessary to keep our library and technology up-to-date.

Calling dates and times
During the months of February, September and October, Schreiner University students will be calling to update you on campus happenings and to ask for your support of Schreiner’s Annual Fund.

Phonathon Stories
We would like to hear some of your Phonathon memories if you were a Phonathon caller for SU. Share one of your favorite moments by sending an email to the Office of Advancement.

Update your information
We are only able to call those people for whom we have current phone numbers. If you haven’t received a call from Schreiner in a while, please send us your phone number! We will not only give you the opportunity to make a gift during the Phonathon, but we will tell you about upcoming events and reunions in your area.  Click here to update your information.

For more information, please contact:

Beth JohnsonBeth Johnson
Schreiner University Community Development Officer
830-792-7204   |  
CMB 6229, 2100 Memorial Blvd., Kerrville, TX 78028