Giving to Shreiner   Advancement & Public Affairs

Office of Advancement and Public Affairs Staff

Amy Armstrong Amy Armstrong
Director, University Relations
830-792-7405 |
Brandy BermeaBrandy Bermea
Administrative Specialist for Marketing and University Relations
830-792-7430 |
Beth Bourland Beth Bourland
Director of Foundation Relations
830-792-7213 |
Debbie Burress Debbie Burress
Software Support for Advancement Services
830-792-7209 |
Paul Camfield Paul Camfield
Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Director of SFSA
830-792-7206 |
Dana CarmanDana Carman
Development Officer
830-792-7208  |
Missy Carter Missy Carter
Administrative Officer for Vice President for Advancement and Public Affairs, the Director for Advancement Services and Events and the Associate Director for Prospect Management
830-792-7216 |
Susan Carver Susan Carver
Administrative Specialist for Alumni Relations Dept., Church Relations Dept. and
Director for the Schreiner Mansion and Community Engagement
830-792-7298 |
Robin Hill Robin Hill
Administrative Specialist for the Development Dept.
830-792-7214 |
Beth Johnson Beth Johnson
Community Development Officer
830-792-7204 |
Krista Juel Krista Juel
Data Entry Associate for Advancement Services
830-792-7202  |
Vicki MullinsVicki Keese
Assistant Director/Graphic Designer, Marketing
830-792-7408 |
Stephanie Keller Stephanie Keller
Graphic Designer, University Relations
830-792-7212 |
Karen Kilgore Karen Davis Kilgore
Director of Development and Planned Giving Specialist
830-792-7205 |
Stacey LewisStacey Lewis
Director of Schreiner Mansion and Community Engagement
830-792-7211 or 830-890-5886  |
Rev. Susan Liljestrand Rev. Susan L. Liljestrand
Director of Church Relations
830-792-7464  |
Judith Rae MillerJudith Rae Miller
Web Communications Manager, Marketing
Jake Roa Jake Roa
Graphic Designer, University Relations
830-792-7420 |
John Sniffen John Sniffen
Writer, University Relations
830-792-7334 |
Lane Tait Lane Tait
Assistant Vice President of Marketing
830-792-7462 |
Lisa Turner Lisa Turner
Director for Advancement Services and Events and Assistant to the Vice President
830-792-7203 |
Mark Tuschak Mark Tuschak
Vice President for Advancement & Public Affairs
830-792-7215 |