Emergency Notification

Should there be a weather-related emergency or potential emergency affecting the Schreiner University campus, advisories will be provided for the university community via this page and the SU switchboard (830) 896-5411.


SCHREINER STUDENTS & EMPLOYEES:  You are strongly encouraged to sign up for Mountaineer Alert. It is an emergency-only text message and e-mail alert system that is free and designed to get you immediate information about campus emergency situations, such as a security issue or weather closure.

If an emergency closing or delay in opening Schreiner University is necessary, all lost work will be a paid absence for all full and 3/4 time employees, to be pro-rated accordingly. If an employee has scheduled benefit leave during the closing(s), and is not called in to work by the University, then the employee’s benefit leave will be used.

Employees should phone the main switchboard number at (830) 896-5411 or the Schreiner University public Web site at www.schreiner.edu (click on 'Emergency Notification'), where posted messages will notify employees and students of any official University closing or delay due to inclement weather. Unless a closing or delay is announced, employees and students will be expected to report for work and class at the usual time.

The decision to dismiss employees before the end of a workday due to hazardous weather conditions will be relayed verbally or by e-mail by a Vice President of the University. This lost time for employees will also be considered a paid absence for all full and 3/4 time employees who did not have scheduled benefit leave.

Local radio stations - The Ranch 92.3 (announces closings beginning at 6 a.m.) and KRVL 94.3 (announces closings at 7 a.m.) and the major San Antonio radio and television stations will also be notified of all closings. Employees should not rely on what the radio station announces, but should telephone the University’s main line to find out the status.

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