Student Stories:  John Stanger

John Stanger

John Stanger graduated in 2008. He came to Schreiner intending to study pre-med, but ended up a religion major. He was accepted to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, but he didn’t go to seminary right after graduating from Schreiner. Instead, he

  • chose to postpone his admission for a year while he went to India as a Young Adult Volunteer for the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
  • raised the money for his flight to India and for his year of service there.
  • was placed at an Indian college, where he roomed with six other students his age.
  • visited Indian schools where he was an English speaker for students to practice with.
  • entered seminary in fall 2009.

“With Schreiner being such a small community, faculty are able to be genuinely interested in their students, staff don’t feel disconnected from what’s happing in the classroom and students feel comfortable approaching anyone –up to our president. Being able to dabble in so many different leadership opportunities gave me the confidence to move across the world and engage in an entirely new community before going to seminary.”