Student Stories:  Andres Gutierrez

Andres Gutierrez

Andres Gutierrez graduated from Schreiner in 1999 as a chemistry major. Since then, he has

  • moved from San Antonio to Nashville, Tenn., to become Spanish department leader for the Dave Ramsey financial organization.
  • appeared frequently as a financial expert on the Spanish network Telemundo and hosted the radio show, “Financial Myth Busters.”
  • worked for John Hancock Insurance and MassMutual.
  • co-founded Pax Financial Group, a San-Antonio-based financial consultancy company.
  • married and become the father of two children.

“I think Schreiner offers that real world environment where accountability is easily created because of the size of the school and classes. This was a huge advantage for me not only in the classroom, but also in business.”