Trull Innovations

Vesalius Living and Learning Community

Vesalius LLC—named after Andreas Vesalius, the Flemish anatomist, artist, and father of the medical humanities—will recruit up to twenty (20) students who intend to major in health care fields.

Vesalius Living & Learning CommunityLike the most successful living and learning communities, Vesalius will engage students fully both inside and outside the classroom and integrate these environments to improve student learning. Schreiner will dedicate space in one of its first-year student residence halls so that students can live in relative proximity. The coordinator’s office will be located in that residence hall and the student resident assistant on the Vesalius floor will be a successful health professions major who can provide peer advising to the students.

The primary goals of the community will be to facilitate academic success, nurture career exploration and support students as they adjust to campus life. Activities throughout the year will include a Vesalius section of IDST 1101 in the fall and a section of ENGL 1302 in the spring. Shared readings in the fall and spring will serve as common texts. Throughout the year, Vesalius study groups will meet in the residence hall and peer tutoring will be offered.

All first-year students who anticipate choosing health professions majors and plan to live on campus are invited to apply. Student selection will be based on the individual’s prospect for benefit as well as an individual’s capacity to contribute to the diversity of the group. An application with essays will inform the decision process.