Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Robert B. Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics.

Dr. Diana ComuzzieTo anyone other than a mathematician, a fractal is simply a beautiful piece of art, or perhaps a repeated pattern in nature such as a nautilus shell or a sunflower.  A mathematician, however, knows that this repeated math set is defined with much more complexity.  Yes, a complex set may produce a beautiful picture, but a close inspection of the pattern finds that it is built on a reliable, repeated sequence.  This is a metaphor for the School of Sciences and Mathematics.  There is innovation and creativity that is producing beautiful work from our students, but that innovation and creativity is built on a solid pattern of good teaching. 

At the School of Sciences and Mathematics, you will find a dedicated group of inspiring and innovative faculty who love to work with students.  You will find staff committed to student success.  And you will find upper-level students who actively seek out freshmen to counsel and guide, serving as mentors.  Our students engage in challenging coursework in the classroom and meaningful, real-world experience outside the classroom.  They provide community service by mentoring in the schools and organizing charity events. They work hard and they play hard.  Come visit us and see what it means to learn science and math by heart.

Dr. Diana Comuzzie