NEW!  Save money. Save time.

Schreiner has “re-tooled” both its summer class lineup and summer tuition and housing prices in order to help Schreiner students—as well as those from other colleges—to graduate faster, save money and start your career sooner.

Schreiner students outdoors

Here’s how it works:
Students attending one or both of Schreiner’s summer terms score big cash refunds upon successful completion of their summer courses.

Schreiner Students
Pick up additional credit hours for earlier graduation and continue to live on campus at a new reduced housing rate. Your advisor will help you choose the summer classes you need. Registration deadlines

College students home for the summer
Ensure that you get the classes you need to graduate in four years (or fewer!).
Questions?  Contact the Admission Office at or 800-343-4919. Registration deadlines

College freshmen
You can get a jumpstart on your education by taking transferable core courses in the summer and set the pace for early graduation.  Contact the Admission Office at or telephone 800-343-4919 or 830-792-7217. Registration deadlines.