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BA Sport Management Degree

The Sport Management major prepares students for careers in the fields of sport business, management of sport, and sport marketing by combining business related courses with studies of sport and physical education. Possible employment opportunities in Sport Management include professional sports teams, intercollegiate athletic programs, intercollegiate athletic conferences and associations, public and private facilities, corporate wellness programs, high school athletic programs, private sport clubs, sport marketing firms, and various amateur sport organizations.

The Sport Management major at Schreiner University is designed for those individuals who wish to embark on one of the following career paths: (1) pursue a career in Sport Administration, such as an Athletic Director at a high school; (2) go on to graduate studies and work on college/university level; (3) work with professional sports teams and professional athletes; and/or (4) manage and direct sport facilities such as health clubs, sports arenas, ball parks, and stadia.

The degree plan is consistent with the accreditation criteria maintained by the North American Society of Sport Management (NASSM).

The major consists of BIOL 2401, 2402, ACCT 2301, BSAD 1301, 2331, 3350, EXSI 1301,
2302, 2305, 2310, 3320, 3323, 3330, 3340, 3341, 3345, 3350, 3398, 4330, and 4395.

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BA Sport Management

Exercise Science

  • >> Sport Management Careers
    SU Grad Witnesses Sport History Brad Thomas with the 2014 American League Championship trophy

    Witnessing one’s team literally at the top of its game is the hope of many. Brad Thomas got to live the dream in fall 2014.

    Thomas, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management in 2012, joined the Kansas City Royals baseball team as an account executive in group and suite ticket sales in November 2013—just in time to witness the organization’s first post-season run in 29 years.

    About the photo:  Brad Thomas with the 2014 American League Championship trophy

    “The Royals took all of their front office staff to all the World Series games,” says Thomas. “I got to view the full spectrum of the series.”

    A graduate of Randolph High School in San Antonio, Thomas loves baseball. He played four years on the Mountaineer baseball team, and was academic all-conference three years. He didn’t start Schreiner as a sport management major, but decided to take courses in the subject from Dr. J. Barry Shaw and Dr. Tom Wells, and “fell in love with it. That turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

    After graduation he took on three part-time jobs, one with the Houston Astros urban youth league. Then he joined the Minnesota Twins organization for 14 months before moving to the Royals.

    Thomas hopes to keep working in baseball in one form or another.  “I never planned on being in sales, but I love being around the game.” He misses playing, however, and should the opportunity arise, he might consider coaching.

    He’s enjoying Kansas City and his work, but Thomas fondly remembers his alma mater. “Schreiner University is my home, more than anywhere else.”

    Schreiner University’s Exercise Science curriculum provides education in the science of exercise and wellness and includes competency in the skills needed to develop customized exercise programs for people in clinical, health, wellness, and/or athletic settings. It prepares students for a variety of health-related professions and also for graduate school. This major prepares students for national certification in personal training, strength and conditioning, and many other health and fitness pursuits.

    Exercise Science & Sport Management

    Our Sport Management curriculum prepares students for careers in the fields of sport business, management of a sport or sporting event, sport marketing, and sport law by combining business related courses with studies of sport and physical education.  Students pursuing this major typically want to work with athletic teams or professional athletes, or they may wish to manage sport or wellness facilities, or are interested in graduate studies in Sports Management, Sports Marketing, or Sports Law.

    In addition to pursuing one of these two majors, many of our exercise science and sport management students choose to combine their degree with a career in education and—through Schreiner’s unique 5th Year Distinguished Educators Program—have  the opportunity to complete their Master’s Degree in only three additional semesters.  This curriculum is a hybrid curriculum utilizing both online and in-class experiences. Many students leave this program with additional certification in areas such as ESL, Bi-Lingual, Special Education, or content specializations like Physical Education.

    Exercise Science & Sport Management Degree

  • >> Facilities

    The Mountaineer Fitness Center (MFC) houses the Exercise Science and Sport Management classroom space along with an Exercise Physiology Lab that is home to new equipment including a recently-acquired Woodway treadmill and BodPod. The MFC complex also houses racquetball courts, a weight/workout room, a multi-purpose room, athletic training facilities, and a dance/aerobics room indoors with a swimming pool, soccer fields, baseball diamond, basketball courts, and tennis courts outdoors.

    Mountaineer Fitness Center Lab & equipment Mountaineer Fitness Center Lab & equipment Mountaineer Fitness Center Lab & equipment

    Gordon G. Tucker
    Exercise Physiology
    Laboratory Located in the Mountaineer Fitness Center Lab Room #164

  • >> Performance Articles

    "Thinking on their feet"
    By Joe Harrington
    Kerrville Daily Times (Oct 20, 2009)

    The articles below originally appeared in NSCA's Performance Training Journal, a publication of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. For a free subscription to the journal, browse to

    "Running Head: Female Athlete Triad, Eating Disorders"
    By Juan Gonzalez, PhD, CSCS and Aaron James
    Vol 8, Issue 6, NSCA's Performance Training Journal
    "Where Do Vegetarian Athletes Get Their Protein?"
    By Juan Gonzalez, PhD, CSCS and Ashley Eubanks
    Vol 8, Issue 6, NSCA's Performance Training Journal
    "At the Core of a Pitcher: Increasing Strength and Power for a Softball Pitcher"
    By Patsy Toman and Juan Gonzalez, PhD, CSCS
    "Periodization Training for Acrobatic Gymnastics"
    By Ashley Eubanks & Juan Gonzalez, PhD, CSCS, HFI
    "Balancing Power and Speed in Sprinting"
    By Juan Gonzalez, PhD, CSCS, and Danielle Gaitan
    "Speed Development in a 100-Meter Sprinter Using a Wetsuit"
    By Juan Gonzalez, PhD, CSCS, and Shannon Beckwith

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Dr. Kyle Busing Busing, Dr. Kyle  bio
Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Sport Management
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Office: Mountaineer Fitness Center 213
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Dr. Barry Shaw Shaw, Dr. Barry
Professor of Exercise Science and Sport Management
Office:  Weir 204
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Dr. Tom Wells Wells, Dr. Tom
Professor Emeritus of Exercise Science and Sport Management
Office: A.C. Schreiner 206
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