Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health

public health
The BS in Public Health will provide students the opportunity to work in health-related fields with a focus on primary prevention, health promotion and health advocacy for populations. Students should be interested in gaining knowledge about public health, epidemiology, global health, environmental health, health policy and how to promote healthy lifestyles and behavior. They will gain skills needed to work in private, non-profit and government health care related areas.

The Schreiner BS in Public Health program is 120 hours including the core curriculum that is basic to the health professions. It is designed to align well for pre-med, pre-nursing, and/or pre-dentistry students to obtain a bachelor degree prior to enrollment at a Medical School.

Core public health courses include: Public Health, Global Health, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Health Policy, Community Health and an Internship in Public Health.

Community Course held in Nepal May 2014
Community Course held in Tansen, Nepal in May 2014
Pictured: Campus Chief from Lumbini Medical College, the local community health volunteer, Ruth Grubesic, Assistant Professor for Nursing and Public Health;Schreiner student Caitlin Magargee and Schreiner graduate Jana DeJesus

public health public health