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Policital Science at Schreiner University
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Schreiner University offers courses leading to the Bachelors of Arts degree with a major in Political Science with concentrations in either pre-law (formerly Legal Studies) or American government. The program is designed to instill in students a broad outlook in either area that is fundamentally sound. Such a curriculum is necessary for an individual to be a competent, educated, and productive citizen in today's global society.  This is a multidisciplinary major coupled with a strong liberal arts core. It is designed primarily for students who plan to embark in careers in government service, academia, non-profit organization administration, and/or attend law school.

A major in Political Science would consist of the following:
POLS 2301

American Government Track:  POLS 2302, POLS 3305, POLS 3310, POLS 3320, POLS 3330, POLS 4397 and six (6) hours from BSAD 3310, BSAD 3311, POLS 3350, POLS 3360, POLS 3370, POLS 4370 (when offered), or POLS 4380.

Pre-Law Track:  BSAD 3310, BSAD 3311, PHIL 1310, PHIL 2320, PHIL 3352, POLS 3320, POLS 3330, POLS 3340 and POLS 4399 and six(6) hours from POLS 3305, POLS 3310, ENGL 3350, POLS/PHIL 3351, POLS 4370 (when offered) or POLS 4380.

Students wishing to earn a minor in Political Science must take POLS 2301, POLS 2302 and complete an additional 12 advanced semester hours from the following: POLS 3305, 3310, 3320, 3330, 3340, 3350, 3360, 3370, or 4370.

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