History - Testimonials

Meagan HarrisMaegan Harris
"My experience as a Schreiner University History major has been an influential force throughout my college years. Although difficult, the challenges I faced taught me more than anything I could obtain by reading a textbook. History has become more than just a series of events chronologically presented in a number of books, but has instead become a way to learn the significance of change over time.   "Schreiner’s History department has allowed me to improve my analytical abilities and writing skills by challenging my capability to ask better questions and look past the obvious. My professors have demonstrated the importance of doing more than just summarizing an event, but to dig further and question the historical significance of any event. I have always felt comfortable approaching my professors for help and seeking their help every step of the way when working on a project or writing a paper. And although I did not always receive the answers I expected, I have been able to learn multiple skills necessary for future employment and success. Schreiner University has truly provided a unique learning experience and has enabled me to look beyond the surface in every discipline I have studied. These skills of communication and argument are essential to academic growth and I owe a great deal of my ability to the professors of the History program."           

Jason LihouJason Lihou
"My time as a History major at Schreiner University was surely one of the most enlightening and inspiring experiences in my life. The classes exceeded any expectations I had before becoming a History major, and there never was a dull moment with the professors commanding our attention each day.  

 "As a result, the history classes were consistently engaging and thought provoking. It did not take long to realize that the history professors not only revealed to our classes how our country got to where it is today but how to analyze happenings on a worldwide basis and apply rational critical thinking. The cognitive skills gleaned from these classes are applicable to everything I have attempted since Schreiner, and I hope to be able to apply these same skills the job market arena in the future. The professors (Drs. Huddleston and Cockroft) were always there for my classmates and me whenever assistance was needed. They were readily available for help with research, to interpret historical events, or encouragement for those of us encountering writers block on essays. It would be impossible to come away from Schreiner’s History Department without a deep passion and appreciation for history and learning in general. I will forever be changed and grateful."           

Courtney SkeenCourtney Skeen
"Graduating in May has allowed me the time to reflect on my choice of degree. Receiving a history degree has been the utmost decision for it has opened my mind and allowed me to look at the world in a completely new point of view. How did I decide to be a History major?   Strangely enough, the determining factor was my trip to London, England with the study abroad program for two weeks in the summer of 2008.  It was confirmed to me when we went to the historical locations, and I was the happiest. The greatest opinion that I established from obtaining a history degree from Schreiner University is that not only can a person learn from the mistakes of the past but also that everything revolves around historical analyze. For example, if you realized one day that you forgot to pay a bill you would need to analyze your own past to gather the necessary information. Acquiring a history degree has changed my view on life through learning about different cultures. I will forever be grateful for the professors who have opened my eyes to a completely new world."           

Bonnie VineBonnie Vine
"In 2004, I found my home away from home within Schreiner University’s History Department. The phenomenal mentorship of Dr. John Huddleston, Dr. Jeannette Cockroft, and Darlene Bannister presented me with the tools to grow from another student desiring to study history into a young professional with the means to develop into a phenomenal scholar.  

"Each professor holds various responsibilities both within and out of the department; however, every faculty member goes above and beyond to help each students meet their own scholastic aspirations. Dr. Huddleston’s expertise covers all aspects of American, Texas, and Mexico history, as well as a broad base in the process of running for political office. During my stay at Schreiner, Dr. Huddleston held the position of chair of the history department as well as Dean of the School of Liberal Arts; however, he was never too busy to discuss preparations for graduate school or how to improve my professional writing skills. Dr. Cockroft also works within the American history field, as well as tackles the growing fields of gender and Asian studies. Although I did not have the opportunity of taking a class with Ms. Banister, I spent many hours in her office discussing various graduate programs and what to expect while continuing my education after Schreiner. Due to the incredible selflessness these individuals displayed, I possessed the tools to excel at the University of Texas at San Antonio and continue a successful graduate vocation. I now await acceptance into Texas Tech’s doctoral program."