BA with a history major

History Major at Schreiner University

Schreiner University offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in History, with concentrations in either American or European History. The program is designed to instill in students a broad and analytical outlook which is essential for a truly educated and productive citizen. Lower level courses focus on acquisition of historical knowledge, historical thinking, writing skills, and conceptual analysis. Upper division courses and seminars emphasize historical research, evaluation of sources, and critical historical analysis. The history faculty assumes that an objective and accurate assessment of historical trends will cultivate in each student a greater awareness and appreciation of contemporary society and lead to greater individual awareness and appreciation. Employment opportunities for liberal arts graduates in general, and History majors in particular, are expanding significantly. History graduates are qualified to enter fields such as teaching, law, foreign and government service, paralegal professions, business, communications, and research. Both the major and minor in history prepare students for related graduate studies.


Schreiner U history professors bring Civil War to life on TPR ... see press release

This Week in the Civil War
Professor John Huddleston began producing historical vignettes for Texas Public Radio. Visit NPR to hear these vignettes from This Week in the Civil War — from Schreiner University.  The series ended during the 2015 summer when the 150th anniversary years of the American Civil War came to an end.

Why Become a Historian?
Read multiple essays by prominent historians at the American Historical Association Web site ... read more