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Engineering Majors

Applied Science - Bachelor of General Studies sample course outline.

Schreiner Engineering students will complete the requirements for two bachelor's degrees during their college career.  All students will earn a Bachelor's of General Studies with a major of Applied Science from Schreiner.  This degree plan covers the calculus sequence, chemistry, physics, introductory engineering sequence, as well as our liberal arts core requirement.  The second degree will then come from an ABET accredited engineering program of their choice.  Schreiner has official partnerships with University of North Dakota, Texas Tech University, and the University of North Texas, but students are able to transfer to any other accredited institution if they are looking for a different major or just find a better personal fit elsewhere.

Schreiner Campus Program

with University of North Dakota

Most of our students will finish their degree by taking distance education courses from our partner institution, the University of North Dakota, which offers the first in the nation ABET accredited undergraduate engineering degree.

Available Majors from UND are:und logo

Schreiner students interested in finishing their engineering coursework through UND are GUARANTEED ADMISSION if they are in good standing, and have at least 24 credits of college coursework and a >2.0 gpa.  Most lecture courses will be taken during the fall and spring semesters and have a classroom meeting time just like any other course on Schreiner's Hill Country campus.  Lab courses will be conducted at the start of each summer in Grand Forks, ND, and give our students the opportunity to use all the same equipment and perform all the same experiments that UND residential students have access to.  These accelerated lab courses are scheduled for the first several weeks of each summer in order to allow students time to still work a substantial internship, summer job, or take other summer courses.  The number and length of summer courses differs for each major, but are typically about 2-3 courses total that last about a week each, and are scheduled offset so that they can be taken all in the same summer if necessary (though are usually taken during 2 different summers).

Schreiner Transfer Program

with Texas Tech University and the University of North Texas

texas tech logo

As an alternative degree path for students interested in a major not offered by UND, we offer existing partnerships with Texas Tech University which offers GUARANTEED ADMISSION (if students are in good standing and gpa requirements are met, 2.25-2.75 depending on the number of credits transferring) and the University of North Texas.

Texas Tech offers 11 majors, the 5 offered at UND plus Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Wind Science and Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.

The University of North Texasunt logo offers 6 engineering majors, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Materials Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering.  In addition, UNT also offers 3 Engineering Technology Majors (Construction, Electrical, Mechanical) which provide an excellent opportunity for students who are more interested in applications and implementation of their designs, as opposed to the theory and conceptual aspects that are a greater focus in engineering programs.

While these two destination schools have been the most popular in the past, our students are not limited to only these two.  Schreiner engineers have also been accepted to UT-San Antonio, UT-Austin, Texas A&M, and a variety of other schools.  No matter where you transfer to, your schedule at Schreiner will be very similar.  You will still spend 2-3 years at Schreiner completing all of your math, science, liberal arts and underclass engineering requirements, and then transfer to complete your last 2-3 years of upper level engineering coursework at your final degree-granting institution.  If you would like to transfer to another school that is not listed here as one of our partners, your academic advisor will be happy to work with you to create a customized degree plan to ensure that you are able to maximize your time at Schreiner and take the courses that will successfully transfer and satisfy the degree requirements of your first choice program.

Computer Information Technology

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Starting in Fall 2016, Schreiner University will also offer a new Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Information Technology, with three separate concentrations, Programming, Networking, and Cyber-Security.  Though not officially a part of the engineering program, we are very excited to be able to offer this option to our students and consider this an excellent path for students interested in computer science or computer engineering.  Similar to a traditional computer science degree, CIT is also a Bachelor of Science, but will be more application based, as opposed to computer science which tends to be more theoretical.  As an added bonus, CIT has a shorter time to degree completion, 3-4 years, all on Schreiner Campus.