Engineering 3-2

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The 3-2 Engineering Degree Program is a dual-degree option offered in conjunction with universities that provide baccalaureate study in engineering. Under the 3-2 plan a student spends three years at Schreiner and two years at a senior engineering university to earn two degrees—the Bachelor of General Studies from Schreiner and a bachelor's degree in an engineering specialty from the engineering institution. Thirty upper-division hours are transferred back to Schreiner for the BGS degree. Coursework at Schreiner provides general background for a variety of majors in engineering and engineering technology. The 3-2 program is designed for students who wish to have a well-rounded background in the liberal arts, as well as professional preparation in engineering. During the third year at Schreiner University, students complete requirements in interdisciplinary studies, English, mathematics, sciences, social sciences, humanities and information systems. The expected time to complete both baccalaureate degrees in the 3-2 program is five years based on a course load of 16-17 credit hours per semester. A student may choose to spend more time (or less) at either Schreiner or the engineering university.