BA Degree in Education

Earn your degree in education at Schreiner University

A career in education leads to a lifetime of helping others to see their potential for success. It is progressive and leads from visionary classroom instruction to possible administrative work as a department teacher leader, an assistant principal or principal, a curriculum specialist, and much more. The opportunities are varied and exciting.

Schreiner University offers an exemplary teacher education program to prepare students as professional educators and includes training in the following:

    • Strategic and engaging pedagogy
    • Special education and collaboration in an inclusive classroom
    • ESL strategies and teaching for diversity in a multi-cultural classroom
    • Professional responsibilities and teacher leadership skills
    • Lesson plan and research based curriculum design
    • Literacy instruction including an 18-hour field based reading program for EC-6 generalists
    • Assessment strategies  and STAAR training  for Texas public schools

In today’s economy, Schreiner University education students have an edge on the competition in several ways:

1) Our program places students in the classroom early in their educational training through service learning classes that provide on-site instruction with immediate application of pedagogical skills and content knowledge. These classes allow teacher candidates to take on the role of teacher early in the teacher education program under the guidance of a experienced mentor.
2) Students who want to specialize in elementary education receive a TEA recommended 15 hours in reading/literacy instruction, and students who specialize in secondary focus on college and career readiness standards and research based strategies for creating a challenging and motivating learning environment.
3) Schreiner students have the unique opportunity to graduate with a Master of Education degree by adding just 3 semesters to their academic career through our innovative Fifth Year Distinguished Educator Program.
4) Schreiner students are encouraged and assisted in applying for supplementary certifications to add to their list of qualifications as a “highly qualified” teacher. Many walk away with a supplementary certification such as ESL, Bi-Lingual, or Special Education.

Schreiner University offers state recommendations in the following certification areas:
- Early Childhood through 6th grade, Generalist
- Grades 4-8- Generalist, English Language Arts and Reading, Mathematics, Mathematics and Science
- Grades 7-12- English Language Arts and Reading, History, Life Science, Chemistry, or Mathematics
- All-Level- Music and Exercise Science