Education - Certification of Teachers

It is always a good time to enter the field of education! A career in education leads to a lifetime of helping others to see their potential for success. This career field is progressive and leads to visionary classroom instruction and possible administrative work as a department or grade level leader, an assistant principal or principal, a coach or athletic director, or a curriculum
specialist. The opportunities are varied and exciting.

Schreiner University offers an exemplary teacher certification program to prepare students as 21st Century professional educators, including training in:

• Strategic and engaging pedagogy
• Special education and how to collaborate in an inclusive classroom
• ESL strategies and teaching for diversity in multi-cultural classroom
• Professional responsibilities and school community relations
• Teacher leadership and curriculum design
• Disciplinary literacy across the curriculum

In a today’s economy, Schreiner University education students have an edge on the competition in several ways:

  • We place students in the classroom early in their educational training through service learning classes that provide on-site instruction with immediate application of pedagogical skills and content knowledge. These classes allow teacher candidates to take on the role of a professional educator early in the program under the guidance of a experienced mentor.
  • Students who want to specialize in elementary education receive a TEA commended 18 hours in reading/literacy instruction and additional clinical experiences in early childhood and special education
  • Students who specialize in secondary focus on college and career readiness standards and research-based strategies for creating a challenging and motivating learning environment designed for success in  21st century
  • All certification students receive training in the latest Smart Board technology through our Education Instructional Technology Classroom and  Lab
  • All certification students receive extra preparation for success on state mandated exams through our Education Lab where they can take all certification practice tests and tutorials.

5th Year Distinguished Educators
Schreiner students have the unique opportunity to graduate with a master in education degree by adding just three semesters to their academic career through our innovative Learning by Heart online Master in Education Program.

Schreiner students are encouraged and assisted in applying for supplementary certifications to add to their list of qualifications as a "highly qualified" educator. Many walk away with a supplementary certification such as ESL, Bi-Lingual, or Special Education or additional content area specializations.

How to Apply for Teacher Certification
There are two ways to achieve teacher certification:

  1. Through the undergraduate program, students may apply for a teacher certification degree after they have completed 60 hours. We strongly recommend that students enroll in EDUC 2303 in their sophomore year and please make an appointment with an Education Advisor. Be sure to come see us on Declaration Day and declare your major!  Applications can be filed through Mrs. LaVonne Miller, certification officer, at
  2. Through the graduate program, students who have completed their undergrad degree in any area, may apply for the Master of Education Plus Teacher Certification program. Graduate with an advanced degree and certification in just 3 semesters through our hybrid online program. Students come to class only one Saturday a month. The rest is online!  Contact Caroline Randall in Graduate Admissions at  (830) 792-7224 or

Requirements for Teacher Certification:

  • Must be approved for application to the Professions in Education  Teacher Certification Program by the Teacher Education Committee which includes three recommendations, teaching philosophy, testing requirement contract,  Code of Ethics agreement, and a formal interview with the Director of Education or Director of Field Supervision
  • Successful completion of 120 hour degree plan in Early Childhood through 6th , 4-8th grade, or 7-12th secondary education with an overall GPA of 2.75 and professional GPA of 3.0 in all methods courses including EDUC, RDNG, SPED, and secondary methods courses in the content field
  • Successful completion of the state TExES exam in content field and the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities ( PPR) exam
  • Successful completion of 30 outside hours of observations and additional service learning courses
  • Successful completion of the clinical teaching seminars with state required trainings and 12 week full day  or 24 week  half day internship

For further questions or to set up an interview for Teacher Certification contact:
Neva Cramer. Ph.D.
Director of Education and Graduate Studies
Schreiner University
2100 Memorial Blvd., Alumni House
Kerrville, TX  78028
(830) 792-7266