Liberal Arts Student

Ethan Grothues
A Writer's Tale

Originally, I hail from a wee little town south of San Antonio called Lytle, but before my moving to Schreiner, I lived in a town (ironically) labeled Devine.

Ethan Grothues

I first started writing in fifth grade, but nothing serious until my senior year in high school, when I was published in an online magazine called The Write Effect.
I met Schreiner student, Prari Blair, through a mutual friend--she was dating my best friend and roommate at the time.  When they broke up, Prari and I remained really good friends so I often found myself driving from my house in Devine to Kerrville on the weekends to spend my days off from work. Prari introduced me to a number of Schreiner people who became my good friends:  Kristen Glass, Jacob Ames, Acayla Haile and David Theis, to name a few. I also came to know the choir guru, (Assistant Professor of Music) Michael Kahl.  On one occasion Mr. Kahl had told me, "Ethan, you are up here so much, you should just come to school here."

With the help of one of Schreiner’s Financial Aid wizards, Denise Ames, I was funded and outfitted for my third attempt at collegiate endeavors.  
My first class ever at Schreiner was World Literature I; the professor was Dr. David Mulry.  I came to respect and admire him as a teacher and a mentor to the point that I have not had a semester go by that I wasn't taking at least two of his classes.  Some of my favorite courses were Studies in Poetry, British Literature II, and History of the English Language. (I can't believe I just said that). Though, this should not take anything away from Professor Sally Hannay (Advanced Comp. and Advanced Creative Writing), Dr. Kathleen Hudson (Mythology and Creative Writing), Professor Silke Feltz (My Awesome Adviser), and…well, all my instructors have been inspiring and helpful.
My recent poetry readings and conferences include:
2011 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association conference
Mythology Panel Presentation:  The Rebel Archetype
Area Chair in a Poetry Reading
2011 Texas Heritage Music Foundation Slam Poetry Contest, second place
2011 Robert P. Hallman Chautauqua Lecture Series
Poetry Reading with Professor Sarah Hannay and Professor Silke Feltz
2011 American Studies Association of Texas Conference
Sigma Tau Delta Panel Presentation:  The Rebel Archetype
My future plans include graduate school, hopefully somewhere in the U.K. (London or Canterbury).  I plan to pursue a PhD in Victorian Literature.