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Questions about Peer Tutoring?

What is Peer Tutoring? The peer tutoring program is comprised of undergraduate tutors who assist students in learning and studying course material. The Tutoring and Learning Center has a staff of 14-15 peer tutors and offers approximately 40 hours per week of free individual help for over 40 courses per semester. Our tutors develop professional skills in tutoring by receiving ongoing tutor training. These students are part of the student employment program on campus and receive payment for their services out of that program.

Who are the tutors? The peer tutors are students of at least sophomore level who have excelled in their courses, have at least a 3.0 GPA, and have the recommendation of faculty for the courses that they are assigned to tutor.

How does peer tutoring work? Click here to login to the peer tutoring schedule. Use the drop-down box to locate the courses tutored. The peer tutor lab is located in Dickey Hall #103. Tutors report here at their regularly scheduled hours and either tutor students who have already made appointments or are available for drop-in assistance. If a scheduled tutor time does not work for you, peer tutors will work with you to find a mutually agreeable time. Remember that peer tutoring requires you to participate in the learning process.

Now interviewing tutors for next year ... submit your application or contact Amanda Thomson.