Honors Program - News and Events

Achievement Showcase 2014
Honors Program students were well represented at the 3rd annual Schreiner Achievement Showcase held on April 22, 2014. While some Honors students gave more than one presentation, many participated in the showcase and exhibited their research projects from Honors' contracted courses in either a panel or poster presentation.

Jana DeJesus Jana DeJesus stands by her poster on Youth Empowerment at the poster session

Tayler HobberlinTayler Hobberlin and her poster

Jasmyn Rosser
Honors Sophomore Jasmyn Rosser
answers questions
beside her poster at the 2014 Achievement Showcase

Sophomore Honors students Samar Dadashazar and
Kaleen Dean await the start of the poster session

Each semester, the Honors Program sponsors excursions designed to provide personal, social, and/or cultural enrichment for its students.  In the past, these activities have included private luncheons with distinguished guests, star gazing at a local observatory, overnight excursions to The Renaissance Festival and the Seminole Canyon area to view ancient rock art, and cultural events in San Antonio such as theatrical performances at the Majestic Theater. The Honors Program also hosts monthly luncheons that engage honors students with program peers. 


Research Grants:  Each year the program reserves a moderate portion of its budget to fund scholarship opportunities such as presenting papers at regional and national conferences. A written proposal requesting funds for such scholarship will be considered each semester at mid-term by the Honors Committee.

Study Abroad:  The college will provide opportunities to spend a semester, a year or a mini-term in a structured program at a college or university abroad and/or in the United States. A written proposal due the year prior to the intended study experience is required of all students seeking study outside of the Schreiner University campus.