Honors Program - Ceremonies

2014 Honors Ring Ceremony
While the reward for many Honors students is getting the all-important "Honors" designation on their undergraduate transcripts, many are also motivated by the prestigious Honors Program Ring Ceremony.  Honors Program graduates generally select a favorite faculty member to present them with the custom made silver ring, made by a local and acclaimed Texas Hill Country jeweler, Jim Morris.  At the ceremony, family and friends are welcomed to celebrate the academic journey, accomplishments, and very bright futures of these exceptional Schreiner scholars. 

2014 Honors Seniors The 2014 Schreiner Honors Program graduates (above).  From right: Beth Fawcett, Jana DeJesus, Jake Crawley, Mariah Bussey, and Ben Enslow, Becca Jones, Tayler Hobberlin, and Derek Draper.

Mariah Bussey Dr. Ruth Grubesic presenting the honors ring to Honors Graduate Mariah Bussey (above).

Jake Crawley
Dr. Kiley Miller presenting Honors Graduate Jake Crawley (above).

Jana DeJesus
Dr. Ruth Grubesic shares stories about Honors graduate Jana DeJesus before presenting her with an honors ring (above).

 Derek Draper
Dr. Diana Comuzzie shares stories about Honors graduate Derek Draper before presenting him with an honors ring (above).

 Ben Enslow
Dr. Kiley Miller presenting a ring to Ben Enslow (above).

Beth Fawcett
Dr. Kiley Miller presenting a ring to Beth Fawcett (above).

Tayler Hobberlin
Dr. Chris Distel presents a ring to Tayler Hobberlin (above).

Becca JonesProfessor Silke Feltz presents Rebecca Jones an Honors Ring (above).